As your Representative in the 43rd Assembly District, Marisa will protect your Constitutional Rights and remind Government to:





Parents have the right to be involved with decisions for their children. Curriculum and policy should be transparent. Money should followthe child, including to charter schools and home-schooling. Reform education system to meet the needs of our workforce and give kids the skills necessary to be productive members of society. Bring civics back to the classroom.
Increasing the number of people who have skilled training and simply getting back to work is essential for sustaining businesses. Reducing business taxes, fees for licensing and regulations to further support employees just makes good sense.Support trades and expand apprenticeships. Promote business-friendly climate to attract employees and businesses.
Wisconsinites want to feel safe in our schools, in public, and at home. Fund our law enforcement and first responders so they have the tools they need. Grow the workforce and support retention. Ensure laws back the badge. Secure our schools. Support our 2A rights including Constitutional Carry.
The Constitution and Bill of Rights outlines many rights that should not be trampled upon. Protecting your Rights and Freedoms is my highest priority.Ensure bills do not violate or weaken a protected right or liberty. Ensure mandates cannot happen against like they did in 2020/2021.
Citizens do not get to keep writing checks without having the cash in the account. Neither should the government. If money is given, there needs to be an accounting for the return on investment.Transparency for spending, including return on investment clarity. We have a surplus, keep it growing and spend budget wisely.