For Wisconsin 43rd Assembly District

Endorsed By:

“I have had the privilege to work closely with Marisa Voelkel now for several years in regards to education, engineering and enforcement of Fire and Life safety codes, standards, State Statutes and various interpretations. While working in her capacity as a Safety Director for a large local hospital, I have found her to always be a woman of intelligence, with the ability to understand the intent of complex codes and standards. She has always demonstrated a passion for her job, while performing it with integrity, honesty, and high moral ethics. She strives to do her best in her endeavors and listens to all sides before making a decision, and so she has earned my highest regard and respect. She is the right choice for serving as a Representative.”
– Scott Strassburg, Fire Marshal and First responder, Instructor, Dane County resident

“As a public safety professional for over 34 years I have seen many changes in public safety and understand what it takes to be successful.  My experiences has led me to working with Marisa Voelkel.  She always impressed me with a clear vision to success, her professionalism, attention to detail and her determination to continually improve herself.  Public safety needs the support from the Assembly now more than ever.  Marisa has presented her priorities to include public safety support and is asking for your vote to be the voice of those priorities in the 43rd Assembly District.  I endorse Marisa and know she will represent the district well.”
– Kevin Williams Public Safety Professional, Retired

“I am endorsing Marisa because she is a person who understands our freedoms and who is willing to fight the encroachment on them that government has taken over the years and especially these last two years. We desperately need someone who is willing to go to bat for us to stop this onslaught. As a person of faith she also understands that laws are meant to guarantee our God given rights and freedoms as elucidated in the founding documents of our country, and that these God given rights and freedoms are a higher authority than any government of man.” – Jeff Porter, Rock county resident and business owner.

“As the President of the Board of Directors , for the Rock County Rifle and Pistol Club, it’s been an honor to work with Marisa, as she is a board member also. Marisa represents what our club believes in, 2A, and the fundamental freedoms granted by our constitution. Wisconsin will be in very good hands with Marisa in office, and that is why our board and our members, gladly back her in the coming election.”
– Phoebe Tobias, RCRPC President.

“My name is James Christensen. I was born and raised on a family dairy farm which I took over and ran for 36 years the last 17 as a Certified Organic Dairy Farm. I support Marisa Voelkel because of her values: Personal Freedom, Building the Workforce, Fiscal Responsibility,Responsible Government, and Community Involvement. We the People are the Government and it should work for us, Not Against Us. “
– James Christensen, Organic Dairy Farmer.

“What an opportunity when the 43rd Assembly District became an open district for the 2022 election! Marisa Voelkel brings the qualities we need for a representative in Madison. She supports the 2nd Amendment. She is pro-life. She understands how to balance a budget. Remember that name when you go to the poll in November!”
– Steve & Debi Towns, Edgerton, WI

 I have known Marisa for years and was so excited to hear that she was running for office!  I’m sure many of you would agree that many politicians have let us down.  Marisa has seen this too and decided to step up.  I endorse Marisa because she believes that every person deserves to have a voice, she will listen to her constituents and be our voice.  Marisa will fight for our constitutional rights.  Remember her when you vote!
– Jana Baker, Small Business Owner